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Why Choose us?

Tailored Services

At Swayz, services are individually tailored to meet each client’s needs.


We handle claims with professionalism and quality through competent and disciplined staff.

Tailored Services

Highly – trained adjusters, professionally manage and coordinate all facets of the operation.

Customized Claims Solutions

We provide solutions that meet the needs of any unique claims environment with the help of trained work force.

We are a team of professional Claim Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners and Investigators. Claims Management Services

Our goal is to make the claim process smooth and efficient without any delays and surprises. We start by keeping everyone in the loop, from carrier to claimant.

Property Claims

Based on our deep expertise and comprehensive market data, our settlement of property claims is automated, cost-effective and efficient.

Catastrophe Claims

Swayz possess a team of experts to handle all kinds of claims arising from natural calamities and keen to deliver exceptional solutions with lesser turnaround time.

Third Party Administration

We will create, administrate and customize any required TPA services you need, tailored in an a la carte model as all TPA services are not a one size fits all.

Casualty Claims

We regularly handle casualty claims and we deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction to each of our clients across the United States.

Daily Claims

We have a perfect infrastructure to cater daily claims across the united states – all with a dedicated claim adjuster as per your unique requirements, offering best in class customer experiences.

Inside Staffing Solutions

Swayz Claim Group specializes in insurance staffing services. We provide staffing in all areas inside our clients claim operations with customer service excellence.

Quality Assurance

Swayz Claim Group incorporates Six Sigma principles to achieve consistently high quality in all our processes. Before sending our work on to clients, our internal Quality Assurance team conducts detailed audits on every file. Closed-file audits are also conducted on approved files to ensure the Quality Assurance team is delivering high-quality files to the client. Swayz works hard to exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. It starts with strong management, thorough training, careful oversight and attention to quality. Our clients can see the difference.

Swayz claim Group rely on following to ensure quality in services while handling claims:

In addition to the adjuster out in the field, your claims assignments are managed by a highly experienced, single source of contact back in the office. Your dedicated claims specialist will handle your adjusting project from start to finish. Our people answer their phones personally and are always available to respond to emails promptly.
Field reports are regularly sent to your in house claims person for processing. This approach ensures that your claims specialist is always up to date on all developments from the adjuster.

You can count on Swayz Claim Group to be your one stop solution for all of your property claim adjusting needs, including residential, commercial, storm, fire, theft, flood, and much more.

Our client says

“ I found them very professional and courteous and would love to work with them again. Thank you! ”

Peter Jones

Our client says

“ They have a deep understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Swayz Claims were a pleasure to work with. ”

Alissa Smith

Our client says

“ Swayz Claims helped with my claim. They made the process easy for me. Thank you! ”

Barbara Davis